A Guide for Residents(A Housing Guide)

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Thank you very much for moving into pubkic rental housing.

Part One - A Housing Guide

(1)"Administration Service Office"and"Administration Office"
(2)"Administration Contact"
(3)"Emergency Contact"
(4)"Residence Center or other management facilities"
(1)Permitted Occupancy Date
(2)Receiving your Key
(3)Inspection of the Apartment
(5)Applying for Electricity, Gas and Water, etc.
(6)Resident Registration
(7)Apartment complex Addressing
(8)Dissolution of Contract without Taking up Residence
(1)Payment Date
(2)Payment Method
(3)If Payment is Late
(4)Common Area Charges
(1)Apply for Toll Parking
(2)Process of contract
(3)Priority Use
(4)Mechanical parking facility
(5)Other notice
(1)Repairs paid by you
(2)Repairs paid by UR
(3)Improvement of bathroom equipment (Life Up)
(4)Renewal of Rental Housing and Quality Rental Housing for the Elderly
(5)Installation of Handrails within the Apartment (Restroom/Bathroom)
(6)Apartment Complex Environment Modifications
(7)UR’s Housing Complex Rejuvenation
(8)Request for Residents’ Cooperation for Repairs
(Main Items for Applications)
(1)Applying for Postponement of Residency
(2)Applying to renovate your apartment
(3)Transfer of Lease Application
(Main Items for Notifications)
(1)Change of Name Notification
(2)Notification of Absence
(3)Notification of Caretaker
(4)Notification of Cohabitation
(5)Notification of Change of Details on the Resident's Register
(6)Eligibility Confirmation (for elderly residents eligible for Quality Rental Housings for the Elderly)
(1)Prohibition against Keeping Pets(including feeding stray animals)
(2)Prohibition of Subletting or Unauthorized Use
(3)Illegal Parking
(4)Fire Prevention and Ensuring Safety
(5)Use of the Yard Space
(6)Outdoor Advertising
(7)Cooperation with Inspections
(8)Garbage Disposal
(9)Bicycle Parking
(10)Community Room
(11)Open Areas, Play Lots, and Playground Equipment
(12)Grass, etc.
(13)Water, Sewage, and Electrical Facilities
(14)Management report
(1)Notification of Vacating the Apartment and Rent Calculation
(2)Repair Cost Assessment
(3)Returning Keys
(4)Removing Your Belongings
(5)Reimbursement of Your Deposit
(6)Calculation of Electricity, Gas, and Water Charges
(7)Garbage Disposal when Leaving
(1)Preferential treatment in Advertising for UR Rental Housing Tenants
(2)Relocation (relocation of the elderly or the like to downstairs)
(3)Quality Rental Housing for the Elderly
(4)Healthy Life Support Housing
(5)High-Quality Regional Rental Housing Program for Households Raising Children
(6)Rental Housing Offered under the Program to Promote Close living of Family Members
(7)Special Equipment Improved Housing for the Elderly
(8)Installation of Handrails within the Apartment (Restroom/Bathroom)
(9)Available Support Services for the Elderly
(10)Monitoring Service
(3)Typhoons, etc.
(4)Just In Case (Household insurance for residents of rental housing)
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