Urban Renaissance Agency  Technology Research Institute

Urban Renaissance Agency has been involved in an aesthetic, safe and comfortable urban development since its inauguration. The Urban and Housing Technology Research Institute (UHTRI) has been carrying out state-of-the-art research studies, technical development, and experiments on cities & housing. These include research in quake-resistant disaster prevention and durability to support a safe living, dwelling functions based on the diversification of life styles, as well as an overall study on total spectrums of energy conservation, recycling, and environmental symbiosis to name a few. Some of the research is being open to the public in experience-based facilities.


Facilities for Research and Exhibition

Kikou Skeleton Infill Experimental Housing

KSI Experimental Housing

Kikou Skeleton Infill (KSI) Experimental Housing is a sustainable building that promotes resource and waste saving to form high quality social assets within the changing structures in the global environment and society. It also is a housing complex that responds to the diversified lifestyles of the residents. The pilot KSI housing complex promotes the practical use of this type of housing by delivering information on KSI housing and encourages collaborations with private corporations.

Environment Conscious Experimental Yard

An environmentally conscious ecological life is in great demand. Global warming is an issue that can no longer be ignored in our future life. Research on recycling rain water, greening the environment, and environmental symbiosis technologies combined with water, greenery and soil, recycling rain water can be inspected in this Experimental Yard.

Earthquake Disaster Prevention Hall

The Earthquake Disaster Prevention Hall was constructed under the assumption that the housing estate community center will become a disaster prevention hub. The building was built with recycle concrete and introduces the world’s first Eccentric Roller Bearings as an earthquake proof structure. It also exhibits references on Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Disaster, how to prevent furniture from tipping over, seismic isolation materials and other related matter.

Three-Dimensional Shaking Laboratory

The UR has been carrying out experimentally-based multiple research to respond to various housing needs. The Three-Dimensional Shaking System is an example that recaptures Hanshin-Awaji and Mid-Niigata Strong-Motion Earthquake Wave. This System can be used for a wide variety of experiments such as testing building structures, interior materials and furniture behavior for earthquakes and strong winds.

Housing & Environment Hall

The theme of the Housing and Environment Hall is an effective use of recycling and environmental symbiosis. It conducts research and development on technologies on long durability, remodeling and renewal of housing complexes, and technologies on how to coexist with nature, energy conservation, resource saving and recycling. The results of the research and development are aimed at being utilized in future projects carried out by UR. This is a place to find ideas that best suits your lifestyle by experiencing technologies that is safe for human being and the Earth.



Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory

For a better urban development with a good wind environment, the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory checks the wind environment before and after the construction of building and its location during each construction stage to carry out measures on strong winds that generate between buildings. Experiments are carried out to calculate the wind pressure to design window fittings, glass windows, and curtain walls for safe and practical super - highrise housing. Other experiments include tests to calculate wind load when designing the building structure to prevent unbalanced swaying, and verification experiments of ventilation pathways to find measures to ease the heat island phenomena occurring in recent years.

Living Quality & Performance Hall

The Living Quality and Performance Hall promotes tomorrow’s housing technologies by proposing basic functions such as sound and thermal insulation, water - proof solutions, indoor air conditioning, and lighting solutions as well as health considerations. This facility will deepen your understanding through experiencing real life situations and problem solving. Questionnaires and monitoring surveys are summarized to use as future housing designs and research.

Housing Apartment History Hall

In Japan, the construction of RC apartment housing started over 80 years ago. It is very important for UR,as the leader of the apartment housing construction in Japan, to sustain technologies accumulated during these years and transfer to the next generations.
UR provides the “Housing Apartment History Hall”, in which valuable old housing units are restored and exhibited to show the transition of building technologies.

Kiyose Renewal Laboratory

We are making efforts in developing and promoting renovation technologies for an appropriate use and maintenance of rental housing estate, specifically at the renewal laboratory in Kiyose-Asahigaoka housing complex, which belongs to the Urban Renaissance Agency. Here practical technological research and development is being carried out on life sized models.