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Four Keys to the Future
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Reading the Urban Cities Now
As an Urban Renaissance Producer
History of community development over the past 50 years
Create, support and add color to the city
Urban Renaissance Field
1 Large-scale reorganization of land usetogether with changes in industrial structure
Shinonome Canal Court District (Koto Ward, Tokyo)
"Shinonome Canal Court," an urban living space with nature such as "Tatsumi no Mori" and urban culture like Ginza and Daiba in the vicinity, was established in the immense waterfront area where comprehensive transformation of land use was required with the move of factories and storages. "CODAN," which boasts as its concept "to design lifestyles" is attracting attention as an innovative rental housing complex designed by a team of prominent architects.
1 St. Daishigawara District
(Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Saitama Urban District
(Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture)
Revival of"idle land" into multipurpose communities Creation of new bases for the upcoming generations in which people, products and culture are entwined Aiming for the realization of safe cities that can withstand earthquakes and fire disasters Realization of comfortable living with work and living spaces in close proximity Renew cities and lifestyles by reconstructing old housing
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